Sustainable Communities & Infrastructure

Re-thinking urban design and infrastructure with a sustainability mindset

Buildings and built environments are amongst the largest consumers of global energy.
Building and construction activities together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions when upstream power generation is included. The transformation of the built environment is central to evolving to a net zero GHG emissions future.
Source: Global Status report 2017 of GHG emissions

We invest, own, develop and operate sustainable infrastructure & related real estate


Townships & Communities

A continued shortage of accessible housing, rapid urbanisation and the need for innovative solutions to deliver relevant critical infrastructure in the global city of Bangalore, India, led to the development of sustainable townships by AGP under the Assetz brand.

Assetz is currently responsible for designing and developing around 6,000 affordable, accessible and environmentally conscious homes, catering to middle income families.
These large-scale developments offer a wholesome urban community lifestyle in addition to governance of title and security that help elevate wealth creation.

With sustainability at its core, each Assetz home is designed to minimise water use and waste, and use renewable energy.

Partner with us to generate a positive impact for people and the environment