who we are

Providing a global reach for sustainable solutions

It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value for our shareholders and contribute to the broader public.


drive a sustainable and net zero greenhouse gas emissions future

AGP’s mandate is to stimulate, develop, invest, manage and operate sustainable real assets that generate positive impact for people and the environment. We do this by focusing entirely on the financing, development and operation of ‘Sustainable Real Assets’; transformative infrastructure assets that make positive contributions to satisfying the UN SDGs.
clean water and sanitation
Affordable and clean energy
Industry, innovation & infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action

We have identified six SDGs of particular relevance to AGP

Our purpose comes to life through our core values


AGP commits its adherence to strict governing laws, as well as moral and ethical codes. In all our dealings, investors’ interests are paramount. We will act fairly and honesty and disclose the nature of AGP’s role, treating all those with whom the organisation deals, with professionalism, courtesy and respect.


A high standard of sustainability is at the core of AGP’s investment philosophy. All portfolio investments undergo an impact assessment, social and environmental risk screening and ongoing monitoring to ensure they support the organisation’s mission of financing, developing and operating Sustainable Real Assets.


AGP seeks to achieve consistently superior profitability for each investment. Profitability is fundamental to the company’s sustainability. It funds continued growth for the company, rewarding both, its investors and employees.


AGP recognises that superior returns are only achieved through adherence to the highest corporate governance and prudential standards.


AGP recognises that relationships are the organisation’s most important asset. To better serve investors, AGP strives to encourage synergies and working cooperatively. This includes internal teamwork as well as developing and nurturing partnerships with likeminded organisations whose values align with ours.


AGP recognises that its most valuable assets are its people. Employees must be treated as unique individuals, deserving the respect of their peers and superiors. AGP recruits the best people without discrimination or bias. Advancement and remuneration are based solely on merit.

extensive research

Commitment to research, innovations & collaborative working in sustainable development.


Invest into research across the world to drive sustainable development forward

AGP is strongly committed to research and innovation. Starting from our belief that sustainable development generates superior returns, we invest in research into emerging trends in sustainable development relevant to each of our core business lines: climate change, energy, transport, water, resource use, land use, conservation, cities and communities, changing business and lifestyles.
We engage in purposeful research that brings together universities and research institutions, government and business, NGOs and local communities to enhance the relevance, quality and practical influence of our investment activities and identify new areas of opportunity.

Our approach to investment and project development is also firmly grounded in thorough research and analysis with stringent review processes at each key decision point.
Connected global expertise.
Our reach extends across the globe and across asset class.

Partner with us to generate a positive impact for people and the environment