FutureFeed serves the world’s first lower emission steaks

Australian innovator FutureFeed is serving a world’s first dishing up sustainable seaweed-fed steak with celebrity chef Matt Moran.

The powerhouse seaweed behind the lower emission beef is Asparagopsis, a red seaweed that naturally prevents the formation of methane by inhibiting a specific enzyme in the gut of livestock during digestion and has been proven to significantly lower methane emissions in the order of 80%.

To show how the Asparagopsis-fed meat handles the heat, chef and fourth-generation farmer Matt Moran gave a small group of beef industry representatives the rare opportunity to join him for a virtual cooking class.

Mr Moran highlighted the importance of people not only understanding the origins of the food on their plates but the impact that producing that food has on the environment.

Dr Regan Crooks, FutureFeed’s CEO, said that Asparagopsis is not only a natural climate solution, but it leaves zero traces in meat.

As the patent holder for Asparagopsis, FutureFeed’s role is to support growth across the entire industry by demonstrating the benefits of this amazing natural solution to the climate crisis and supporting its licensees to deliver it to the market.

FutureFeed Pty Ltd, the company driving the commercialisation of the Asparagopsis seaweed based feed ingredient that significantly lowers methane emissions from livestock, was established by CSIRO with investment support from AGP Sustainable Real Assets – SparkLabs Cultiv8, GrainCorp, Harvest Road and Woolworths.

The company holds the global IP rights to the technology developed by CSIRO, MLA and JCU; and delivers supply chain access to seaweed producers through license agreements.



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