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AGP's contribution to solving the food equation

The demand for food is growing globally as the world’s population keeps rising and the developing middle-class increases protein demand. This creates challenges in land management and the consequent increase of GHG emissions.

AGP aims to contribute to feeding the world without compromising future generations’ needs. AGP invests across the agri-food sector and implements regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and carbon sequestration, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation. AGP aims to transition from ‘agri-chain’ to circular-economy principles, keeping products and materials in use and converting waste into sub-products to conserve natural habitats.

The Challenge:
The methane threat on our plates and in our glasses

One kilogram of beef is the source of around 60 kilograms of greenhouse gases (CO2-equivalents), mostly methane. On average, a single cow releases over 250 liters of methane per day – Livestock farming and the meat industry are responsible for 18% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and over half of what the food sector emits. AGP established and manages the ICON Agri Trust, an Agri-Tech Fund that invests in and supports innovative technical solutions for the agri-food sector.

ICON investee company FutureFeed exists to support the growth of the use of Asparagopsis as a natural ingredient for livestock to significantly reduce methane emissions from livestock. FutureFeed is the global IP holder for the technology, which benefits the animals, the environment and business.


Food Planet Prize 2020 - Prizewinner



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